“Our journey began a long time ago as 2 young kids who adored the beauty of different cultures and dreamed of traveling the globe. Those dreams have gifted us with amazing opportunities and now has allowed us to grow our family through adoption. My husband and I returned from mission to Kenya over Thanksgiving in 2014 and began to pray the “whenever, wherever, whatever prayer” for our family. We knew we were interested in international adoption, but were also open to foster care or domestic adoption. After much research, many phone calls, and prayers, God chose Haiti for us. We began the home study process for Haiti in February 2015, and our dossier was submitted in November of that year. January 2017, we were contacted by our agency about an opportunity to enter into a concurrent process with both Haiti and Colombia. With the lack of infrastructure and longer waiting periods for Haiti, our agency recommended that we pursue a little one on the “waiting child list” from Colombia. We knew that God had chosen us to grow our family through adoption many years ago as we talked and dreamed about our future, even as teenagers. After a few days full of prayer and counsel from close friends and family, we said yes to a little boy diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. We were officially matched with a little guy in Haiti who is 16 months younger than our sweet Silas this past May and traveled on our socialization trip in July. We are waiting for paperwork to be sent to court, then will continue to take one step at a time until our 2nd baby boy is home. His strong spirit and kind eyes wrecked us in the most beautiful ways, and we miss him more every day. I can’t imagine anything better than built-in best friends, right?! We continue to be humbled by this opportunity to steward these sweet souls, that they may experience the glory and unconditional love of our Heavenly Father who knit them together, fearfully and wonderfully. Our God has always known our sweet boys and sees them even now. He is sovereign over their little lives as He continues to orchestrate all things for his good and His glory. My sweet, little sunshines, you were wished for, longed for, prayed for and wanted. HE remains faithful as we continue to navigate the “hills and valleys” of this journey making joy available to us along the way. They say, “It takes a village,” and we are so humbled that you have chosen to journey with us, friends!”

– Jared & Morgan Cooper

Cordova, Tennessee

FUNDRAISER DATES: Nov 12th – 26th, 2018