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Did you know you can change the world just by drinking a delicious cup of coffee? 100% of proceeds from each bag go towards Angaza Ministries in Kenya, Africa.



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AFRICAN ESPRESSO: A medium-dark roast consisting of a perfect blend of beans from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

DECAF ESPRESSO: Dark roasted, Swiss water processed decaffeinated beans.

KENYA: A medium roast with distinct notes of blackcurrant and fruity undertones that magnify as it cools.

SUMATRA: A medium-dark roast, with smooth chocolate flavors, and earthy tobacco notes.


In 2015, Carly visited Kenya on a missions trip that changed her life forever. There she found a special place in her heart for children who were suffering in the one of the largest slums in Africa-Kibera. She also met her now husband Fred who worked with non-profit community organizations. Today, Carly and Fred run a non-profit organization with the intent of reaching the unreached of Kenya through Angaza Ministries. In March, they started a sponsorship program and now have 35 children sponsored! A lot of these kids either weren’t attending school, are orphans, have mothers who are widowed, or suffer health wise.

Angaza also has a school in the village area of Kenya where there currently isn’t any aid. The sponsored kids now are attending school, they are thriving in their education, and they receive mentor-ship through Angaza. Most importantly, they have repeated opportunities to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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– Carly & Fred

Kenya, Africa

Our mission is to join forces with coffee lovers by providing a giving platform to impact the poor and orphaned around the world. Thank you for helping bring change to the world, one bean at a time!


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African Espresso – Ground Beans, African Espresso – Whole Beans, Decaf Espresso – Ground Beans, Decaf Espresso – Whole Beans, Kenya – Ground Beans, Kenya – Whole Beans, Sumatra – Ground Beans, Sumatra – Whole Beans


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