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Morning Prayers

Morning Prayers

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Did you know you can change the world just by drinking a delicious cup of coffee?

This 6 bean blend is a combination of beans from Africa and Central and South America. It's bold, rich, and smooth!

100% of proceeds help bring this child home! 

Our adoption story: 

In thinking of family, you can either believe that they were all brought together by chance or that God created your spouse and children specifically to make your family whole for his amazing purpose.  We believe the second to be true. 
When you have a child by birth, God takes the very best parts of each parent to form an incredible creation of a child that was designed to be a piece of your heart walking around outside of your body. Instead of dividing your love, each child simply increases your capacity to love. You love each of them very distinctly just as they have been created. We have been so blessed that both of our boys have given us a small glimpse of how God loves each of us so fully and as unique individuals. 
When you are called to adopt, you believe that God created another child just as intricately for your family outside of your body that is already designed to be another piece of your whole heart. Two years ago, God introduced us to our son in Africa. Unfortunately, we are not able to bring him home with us at this time. After more prayers than this momma's heart can count, our family has decided to follow God's next step in adoption through a different country.  While we do not know who our child is yet, we have no doubt that he or she is already waiting and being prepared very carefully for our family.
For the privacy of our children and the safety of the adoption, we must remain anonymous. We would love for you to share, but please do not share any identifying information including pictures or names. This is VERY important to us. We truly appreciate your prayers, support, and love!

This coffee is roasted and packed in the same day. 100% of the proceeds will support our adoption, and the coffee can be shipped right to your home! 




Our mission is to join forces with coffee lovers by providing a giving platform to impact the poor and orphaned around the world. Thank you for helping bring change to the world, one bean at a time!