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Carter Family Story


Our adoption story: 

We've struggled with fertility for nearly 15 years. We've put off adopting for many years because the timing never felt right. Now, we're at a time in our life when it feels like we're finally ready to move forward. The way we've chosen to move forward is through embryo adoption. We've chosen this route because, after all these years, I couldn't get past wanting to carry a child myself. After spending another Mother's Day in tears, we got "un-stuck" and decided to move forward to make our dreams of parenthood a reality.

We've put a lot of thought and prayer into starting a family, so much so that we've put it off this long. We feel so ready, as much as we can be, for the challenges and joys of parenthood. We have great family support and will be surrounded by love during this process, and our eventual children will be, too. We know that with our friends and family to guide us along the way, we're sure to build a family that will never go without love.

We're using raising funds to do our embryo adoption sooner, rather than later. The bottom line is, we're not getting any younger, and biologically, I don't have very many years left to be child-bearing. I'm sad we waited so long to make this dream a reality, but with your help, we may not have to delay our dreams much longer. 

This coffee is roasted and packed in the same day. 100% of the proceeds will support our adoption, and the coffee can be shipped right to your home! 

Much love! 
- Jason & Teri Carter


FUNDRAISER DATES: Feb 1st - Feb 15th, 2021

Our mission is to join forces with coffee lovers by providing a giving platform to impact the poor and orphaned around the world. Thank you for helping bring change to the world, one bean at a time!