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Our mission is to join forces with coffee lovers, by providing a giving platform to impact the poor and the orphaned around the world.

In 2015 a dream of running a little coffee shop started to take shape in our minds. Our dreams name was Level Grounds Xpresso. We wrote down our goals and mapped out our plan – We were going to CHANGE the world using coffee as our platform. We were going to make a difference, we just had to figure out “how” we were going to do it.  

In June of 2016 we went on our first trip to Kenya Africa – we were both so excited to FINALLY visit Africa! We got to play, love, and hang out with 100+ orphans that lived in Embu, Kenya. Our hearts were broken for these beautiful children, most of them were orphaned.  

While we were there, we visited a coffee farm and coffee mill. They produced more coffee than they knew what to do with! Over the next couple of days God made it very clear to us that we were supposed to sell this Kenyan coffee back home in the U.S. We didn’t know at the time what that meant for us, but God began to take our little itty bitty dream and shape it into something big.

When we got back home we started praying – “God, show us how can we blend our dream of a coffee shop with our dream of helping orphans and poverty stricken people around the world.” Within a week of getting home, we found ourselves sitting in an office, making the connections that we had dreamed about – an opportunity to sell the SAME coffee from the SAME village we had just visited in Kenya! We couldn’t believe how quickly God answered our prayers!

One month later we saw a picture of a baby girl named Emmanuella from Ghana Africa. There was no hesitation as we began the process of adopting her into our family. Our friend at Temecula Coffee Roasters generously started donating the Kenyan coffee to us so that we could launch our brand and use the money for adoption costs. Level Grounds Xpresso was in business, and all for the wonderful cause of bringing our daughter home from Africa!

On November 9th 2016, we met our daughter for the first time. It was so surreal and beautifully heartbreaking. She was so tiny and frail with an distended tummy due to malnutrition. She was 2 years old and only weighed about 15lbs. She could hardly stand on her own, let alone walk. We thought we would be able to bring Emmanuella home to America within 6 weeks, but we actually got stuck there in the adoption process for 590 days.

Level Grounds Xpresso continued to grow bit by bit while we were in Ghana. We slowly started adding in more origins of coffee like Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. We even launched a blend that we named after our daughter Wella! Our coffee beans are ethically traded, so the money goes directly to the coffee farmers – which in turn is helping build and support the local communities and villages. So not only were people supporting us during our adoption process, but they were also changing the lives of coffee farmers and their families in rural parts of the world.

In February of 2018 we officially became a nation-wide company! We couldn’t believe the support that came in from people all over the United States.

For 590 days coffee sales covered almost all our living expenses in Ghana! It was amazing how big our little dream had grown – and that we were doing it from across the world with limited internet and access to electricity.

On June 23rd, 2018, with weary hearts full of love and relief, we finally landed in America. That first morning waking up and drinking OUR coffee was so special and an amazing reminder of how far God had brought us.

Once we got home from Ghana, we are finally in a position to start GIVING! The biggest part of our dream and our mission was finally becoming a reality! We launched a program that is a 2 week fundraiser for adopting families or charities that need financial assistance. There is a special blend of coffee for each  family/charity and they will receive 100% of proceeds from each bag.


In September 2019 we gave birth to Harriette Promise! Wella is the most amazing big sister, and Harriette adores her! 

In January 2020 I heard the Holy Spirit say: “Start the adoption process for a deaf girl in Africa”. Turns out Eden was the only deaf girl available for adoption in allll of Africa. Fast forward a year and a half - she is legally OURS! 


We moved to Nigeria on June 1st, and lived there for 6 months during the rest of the adoption process. 

Upon returning home, we bought a motorhome and started traveling.

We currently live off grid in a field in Ava, MO. We recently added a boy to our family - Valor James, who was born in our field! 

We also have another website where we study the Bible and Biblically endorsed books if anyone is interested in learning with us!


Blessings & Shalom!
James & Kaylee Wilson
Psalm 143:10