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Kitchen Family Story


Our adoption story: 

 The financial aspect of the adoption process can be a bit overwhelming, but we are eagerly anticipating God to provide for all of our needs. We have been amazed at the generosity of friends and family during this pandemic and time of financial uncertainty so many are facing. We are excited to announce this new fundraiser which involves COFFEE! We are in the process of embryo adoption, and money raised from this fundraiser will be used toward medical bills for doctor appointments, medical tests, the embryo transfer, and resulting pregnancy. If you choose to support us financially, please know we are extremely grateful for your generosity. If you’re not in a place to give financially, we ask that you would consider praying for us and for our family.  Please read more of our story below, and please share our page with others! 


We are Andrew and Jaimi Kitchen. Andrew was diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation causing the early onset of colon cancer prior to us dating or getting married. This rare mutation posed a great risk of being passed along to any biological children we would have, so we made the extremely hard decision to not have biological children of our own. Adoption has been on both of our hearts for many years, and we felt led to grow our family in this way. While we are grateful Andrew is cancer free, he has struggled with some ongoing medical complications for the past 7 years. The many doctor appointments, tests, exams and surgeries has postponed us starting a family well beyond what we originally desired, and has cost us a great deal financially. We have seen God provide financially for us during many difficult times, and are expectant that all the funds needed for us to have a child will be met. We are very excited to enter this new phase of life by adopting and starting a family of our own. We’ve chosen embryo adoption for many 

reasons, but this choice will allow Jaimi to carry our future children and experience childbirth. We are so grateful for the support of family and friends surrounding us, and truly understand what a blessing children are. This has been a desire of our hearts for years, and we are eager to enter into parenthood. At this point in our journey, the adoption itself is nearly fully funded. The next aspect of our financial journey will be raising funds for the medical procedures involved with the fertility clinic. Please consider purchasing our special blend of coffee! This coffee is roasted and packed in the same day. 100% of the proceeds will support our adoption, and the coffee can be shipped right to your home! 


“Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3) 

“You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139: 13) 


Thank you again for your support, and please share our page with your friends and family! 

- Andrew & Jaimi Kitchen


FUNDRAISER DATES: Nov 23rd - Dec 7th, 2020

Our mission is to join forces with coffee lovers by providing a giving platform to impact the poor and orphaned around the world. Thank you for helping bring change to the world, one bean at a time!