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No Limit On What God is Brewing - Swearengin Family
No Limit On What God is Brewing - Swearengin Family
No Limit On What God is Brewing - Swearengin Family

No Limit On What God is Brewing - Swearengin Family

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Did you know you can change the world just by drinking a delicious cup of coffee?

This 6 bean blend is a combination of beans from Africa and Central and South America. It's bold, rich, and full-bodied!

100% of proceeds help the  Swearengin family adopt!

Our adoption story: 

God has been writing our beautiful story for the last 5 years, even when we didn’t know it…we now see all the things God did to lead us to where we are in our story. God has graciously adopted us into his heart forever, a true gift of eternity with Him. We want to offer to a baby what the Lord has offered to us, a forever home. A home where they will be loved, encouraged, cared for, prayed over and a place where they will always know they belong. We started our process thinking God planned for us to foster-to-adopt but quickly found out that he had something bigger and better for us. Domestic Adoption is a very expensive rout, so we had never considered the choice. We felt the Lord speak over us “Do not limit what I can do”. We started our process with Nightlight & we have seen and felt God in everything. God has been in all the details, from random donations to friends and family supporting us. We are so blessed with a community around us that coats us in encouragement and prayers. We are thankful for a pastor and a church who has come along side us, offering their helping hands, praying over us, helping guide us, reminding us what God has planned when we walk through the hard parts of this process. Our hearts are so full, we have not a single doubt that the Lord is going to provide for everything we need, exactly when we need it. 

2024 UPDATE:

God laid it on our hearts to adopt in October of 2020. After lots of prayer and research, we landed home at the Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency in their Domestic Infant Adoption Program. 

We have officially been with Nightlight since May 2021, so we have already been in this process for almost 3 years. The first 9 months were all about applications, interviews, paperwork, etc. An average adoption can cost anywhere from $25,000-50,000. We had absolutely NO idea how we were going to afford this but we trusted God with His vision for our family. God has provided every single need we have had and it is a constant reminder that God is faithful!
We finally made our way onto the Waiting Families list in March of 2022. An average waiting time for families on this list is about 2.5-3 years. As of January 2024 we are currently #22 on this list! The waiting period has had its challenges, luckily we have a handsome little 5 year old who keeps us very busy! 

We are so thankful to everyone has contributed to get us this far and are so blessed by everyone who chooses to help us in the future!

This coffee is roasted and packed in the same day. 100% of the proceeds will support our adoption, and the coffee can be shipped right to your home! 

We long for the day we get to look our little one in the eyes and tell them all about the community that surrounded us to help bring them into our family. 

- Daniel & Ashley
Lake Elsinore, CA


1) August 9-23, 2021
2) Feb 1-14, 2024
1) $700

Our mission is to join forces with coffee lovers by providing a giving platform to impact the poor and orphaned around the world. Thank you for helping bring change to the world, one bean at a time!